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RedShelf is a digital marketplace revolutionizing commerce for digital content. Our simple, cost-effective platform allows content creators to securely distribute materials while eliminating device limitations for consumers. Boost visibility and profits with RedShelf!

Portability and freedom to read anywhere, anytime on any device. Our HTML5 technology provides users with familiar tools such as bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking along with enhanced features for functionality.

Virdocs Software is the power behind the HTML5, Cloud-Reader. Our commitment is to provide a platform that conforms to your digital strategies, while providing a robust interface for end-users to interact and access materials.

Simple is best.

Why complicate your digital strategy?

Passion and innovation driving our commitment to excellence, Virdocs’ HTML5, cloud-reader technology supports content creators’ digital distribution strategy. Step into the world of Virdocs where partnerships transform our innovative, cost-effective software into a simple turnkey platform for distribution and/or acquisition of digital content.

Building the future of virtual documents.

We work as hard as possible to create awesome sites and applications.


Meet the founders of Virdocs.

Virdocs was founded in early 2010. The two founders have more than 10 years of experience on the field.

Greg Fenton

As CEO Greg handles a large volume of our clients and works to ensure that our partner companies are happy.

Timothy Haitaian

Tim manages the operations and financial side of the business, with a bit of business development mixed in.



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